About our Martial Arts Classes

Our school teaches White Crane Boxing (Bai He Quan) from Fujian in Southern China. White Crane embraces both the hard and soft elements of Chinese martial arts by finding a balance between tension, relaxation, conditioning and Qi Gong. Qi Gong literally means 'to work your breathing'.

Our classes are here to teach effective self-defence, promote health, keep a great art form alive and most importantly have an amazing time. We have no time for inflated egos, negative attitudes or segregative hierarchy. The classes are very relaxed and new people are always welcome. We offer two separate classes with each one having a slightly different emphasis, however they are both White Crane and follow the same basic principles.

White Crane Tai Chi Classes

If you are wanting to slow down for an hour, relax your body and calm your mind whilst also learning self-defence, then this may be for you. These classes have a greater emphasis on breathing exercises and slow movements and are therefore less strenuous on the body. Progress is at a steady pace and it can be of great benefit to injury recovery by strengthening and stretching the body in a gentle way.

The classes focus on a set of 66 movements called Shuang Yang Bai He Rou Ruan Quan, which translates as Frost and Sun White Crane Soft and Yielding Boxing. This form is very rare and feels amazing to practice. Although it is slow and relaxing, when performed correctly it becomes a fantastic work-out routine and its beauty hides self-defence techniques that are both effective and useful in the real world.

We also train a series of two-person exercises that allow students to practice the various principles with a partner. These are generally slow moving techniques designed to promote relaxation of movement and skill.

White Crane Kung Fu Classes

With a shift in focus to harder conditioning, cardiovascular fitness and strength exercises, the White Crane Boxing classes may suit those seeking a more energetic workout. Again with an emphasis on relaxed movements the goal is to develop skill and economy of movement as opposed to brute force and thuggery.

The classes revolve around a series of set movements or forms which teach the principles of the art in both a physical and mental sense. For self-defence it is no use to intellectually understand a martial art if the body has not learned the memory to use it. We favour two-person drills over free sparring in the traditional manner of White Crane. We do not practice any sport or points fighting so you will not be expected to get into a ring with anyone.

We teach Yong Chun White Crane Boxing (Yong Chun Bai He Quan) from the Ong Gong Ci Wushu Guan in Yong Chun and also White Crane Boxing with a Tiger element from the Nam Yang lineage of Ang Lian Huat from Singapore.