Crane/Tiger Boxing

Our Crane/Tiger system of boxing can be traced back to Master Ang Lian Huat who founded the Nam Yang Pugilistic Association in Singapore in 1954. Master Ang learned several different styles of martial arts during his life however it is the Crane/Tiger style and Shuang Yang that have been preserved in the most detail.


The Crane/Tiger Boxing from the Nam Yang lineage shares many principles with Yong Chun White Crane Boxing and some of the forms are move-by-move very similar. As the name suggests it includes Tiger style elements which give it its own unique flavour.

Although the style can be traced back to Master Ang Lian Huat there is a greater amount of diversification of the style as teachers have branched out in their own directions. Our particular lineage has been passed from Master Ang Lian Huat, through Dennis Ngo and finally Russell Suthern.