About Bai He Alba Chinese Boxing

Bai He Alba (White Crane Scotland) is an independent school of Chinese Boxing and based in the heart of Edinburgh teaching regular classes in the traditional Chinese martial art of White Crane Boxing. We are an amiable community who enjoy the pursuit of excellence through learning a fulfilling and beneficial form of self-defence.

We strive to make our classes fun, relaxed and engaging whilst welcoming all, regardless of physical factors and abilities. No previous experience or training is necessary and it is often easier to approach White Crane with a completely blank page.

Kung Fu Classes

Whilst a lot of martial art schools place the glorification of an individual at the centre of the school, we place the style at the centre of the school. We are all here to teach and learn from one another as equals, proving that mutual respect is achievable without hierarchy, coloured belts or shouting at people.

If you are seeking to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, crush rocks with your toes or attain a black belt in only twelve months, then look elsewhere. We are not here to make distorted claims or win awards. Whilst the limits of human achievement are bounded only by the imagination we cannot change the laws of physics, we simply teach real-world principles devoid of false promises. White Crane Boxing is not a dance packed with flowery pirouettes and twirls but is instead a system of achieving martial efficiency with each movement designed to serve specific functions. It will not appeal to everyone and it is a challenging art to learn, but if you are seeking an incredibly rewarding journey that will last a lifetime and then come and give it a try.

Our origins


Bai He Alba was founded  by Kami Newton in 2012 after many years of diligent and consistent training in White Crane Boxing. Kami began studying White Crane in 2002 having previously trained in Goju Ryu Karate, Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, Wing Chun, San Da and San Shou.

We are grateful to our teachers both past and present, without whom we would not be in this privileged position. It is our ethos that kung fu should remove boundaries as opposed to constructing them. Pick what you want to do and give it everything you've got as opposed to getting engrosed in other peoples problems and expectations.

Our approach is not for everyone as we operate in a very relaxed way that allows people to take responsibility for themselves. Whilst coloured belts, certificates and trophies may play a cultural role in some martial arts they have no place in traditional kung fu. It's the practice of the art that is important, as an expression and progression of the self. White Crane only really exists when someone is actually doing it, and we are here to keep it alive by doing just that.


"Stuffing feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken."

Tyler Durden

"Classes have such a great atmosphere, everyone is so friendly and welcoming and accepting of each other, I really enjoy being part of the club. Kami is an incredibly inspiring instructor and a lot of fun.

Training hard has changed my body shape and made me fitter and stronger than I have ever been, it's unlike any other exercise. It's not just about working your muscles though; it makes your brain fire up, makes you really think about what you're doing and why. When you really consider each movement you make in the patterns we are taught, and work hard to make each movement precise, they become so much more than they first appear. It has totally changed my outlook and the way I approach every aspect of my life. There is so much depth to what we do.

White Crane Kung Fu has become the most important thing in my life, and I love every moment of training, it's really challenging on many different levels and also incredibly rewarding. I never thought I could have learnt a martial art, but had always wanted to try. I'm beyond glad that I now do, it's the best journey I've ever been on and one that will last the rest of my life.”
Katherine Charleston Student with Bai He Alba