White Crane Tai Chi

The White Crane Tai Chi or Soft Boxing along with the Crane/Tiger Boxing can also be traced back to Master Ang Lian Huat who founded the Nam Yang Pugilistic Association in Singapore in 1954.

The complete name of the style is Frost & Sun White Crane Gentle Yielding Boxing (Shuang Yang Bai He Rou Ruan Chuan), however we refer to it as Shuang Yang for short. According to the Nam Yang Association Master Ang learned the art from Mioa Sian Meng who was a monk from the Chuan Chew Shaolin Temple.

The style consists of one long form of 66 moves and various two person drills. The style is slow and relaxed and utilises a wide variety of stances and principles. It is a unique and fascinating art in its own right. It does not appear to have a direct connection to the common styles of Tai Chi such as Yang, Wu, Chen and Sun and it is not being taught by many schools around the world.