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White Crane Scotland Kung Fu
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Welcome to Scotland’s

School of White Crane Kung Fu & Tai Chi Chuan

Throughout all that we do we believe in challenging convention, wholehearted expression and embracing excellence.

We achieve this through practicing White Crane Kung Fu and applying its principles to training, thinking and daily life.

Our martial arts school welcomes you with an open door and a path of adventure.

It is up to you to step through that door.

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Our new term of classes has started…

Our current and extremely exciting term of classes will run:

from Wednesday 4th September to Thursday 21st November.

All levels are very welcome including complete beginners and armchair aficionados.

If you can’t make all of the classes it doesn’t matter, just come along when you can.

Full details of our classes including times, costs and locations can be found here.


"Stuffing feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken."

Tyler Durden

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A brief introduction

We teach authentic White Crane Kung Fu as a traditional martial art for thinking people that is practical, pragmatic and precise. Self-defence, health and the joy of practice are at the core of our training. It is one of the most respected martial arts in the world and through its migration to Okinawa played a crucial role in the creation of Karate.

Our classes cover Edinburgh and the beautiful Scottish Borders and complete beginners are always greeted with a friendly welcome and practicable training.

We teach three styles of White Crane Boxing:

Yong Chun White Crane Boxing

Crane/Tiger Boxing

Frost and Sun White Crane Gentle and Yielding Boxing

We are affiliated with the Weng Gong Ci Martial Gym in Yong Chun which was the first official school of Fujian White Crane to be established by the Chinese government and represents an unbroken lineage of learning that spans back to the system’s founder some 350 years ago.

For more information about the Weng Gong Ci Martial Gym and our wider White Crane family please click below or see our links page:

The Weng Gong Ci Chinese site

The Weng Gong Ci European site

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Master Pan Cheng Miao 1941 - 2019