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Welcome to our School of White Crane Boxing


Our martial arts school in Edinburgh is an open door to learn this traditional and significant form of self-defence. We teach with passion, enthusiasm and authenticity and would like to share Southern Chinese White Crane Boxing with you.

We have weekly martial arts classes in the north and south of Edinburgh. For full details and maps please click here.

Please note there will be no classes on the 30th October, 1st November, 6th

November or the 8th November.

Every Thursday at:

St Philip's Scottish Episcopal Church

10-12 Logie Green Road

Edinburgh, EH7 4EZ

Every Tuesday at:

The Old Schoolhouse

140 Morningside Road

Edinburgh, EH10 4PX


“The danger of practicing the same thing again and again is that progress becomes assumed.

Too often, we assume we are getting better simply because we are gaining experience.

In reality, we are merely reinforcing our current habits - not improving them.”

James Clear


White Crane Kung Fu is a traditional martial art for thinking people that is practical, pragmatic and precise. It is one of the most respected martial arts and through its migration to Okinawa became the foundation for Karate.

White Crane is a direct and efficient form of self-defence and our classes cultivate an engaging and relaxed atmosphere designed to stimulate free-thinking, good health and mental fortitude without the limitations of inflated egos and fruitless bravado.

We train twice weekly throughout the year plus workshops and retreats. New students and curious bystanders are welcome at all times, regardless of experience. Please take a look through our site to find out more about White Crane or simply contact us here.

We teach three traditional styles of White Crane Boxing:

Yong Chun White Crane Boxing

Crane/Tiger Boxing

Frost and Sun White Crane Gentle and Yielding Boxing

We train with the Weng Gong Ci gym in Yong Chun, the birthplace of Southern White Crane Kung Fu.

For more information about the Weng Gong Ci gym and our White Crane family please visit:

The Weng Gong Ci Chinese site

The Weng Gong Ci European site

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